Pasadena Gutter Cleaning

At Pasadena Pressure Washing, we perform gutter cleaning a little better than most of the other companies. At Pasadena Pressure Washing, we take the time to not only clean the gutters, but we make sure the downspouts are clean, and clog free! While we are up there, we also clean off your roof as an added bonus. This way your gutters stay clean for a lot longer than the companies that only clean the gutters.

If you don’t regularly have your gutters and downspouts cleaned out, you could be paying a lot of money once the damage has already taken place. A gutter full of leaves will cause backup of water, which will in turn cause rotting of your siding, adjacent wood trim around the fascia, and many other areas where the gutter meets the wood of your property. This makes cleaning gutters a must. 

Is Gutter Cleaning Really Necessary?

You can only imagine the things that live and grow inside when a gutter becomes full.  A gutter containing leaves, root build up, and sitting water is a cesspool for creepy crawlies like spiders, snakes, lizards, roaches, ants, and many other nasty insects you don’t want to think about living in your property. They also become full of bacteria, mold, and other fungi. Let’s just say it’s not a pretty picture, and it’s not something you want on your property!

With gutters full of all this debris and nasty things, you can only imagine how much strain it puts on the restraints that hold your gutters in place. Before long, these restraints give out and you get leaking gutters, or gutters and downspouts that fall off or out of place.

Exterior Gutter Cleaning

Streaks that run down your gutter are a nasty sight. We have created a formula to cleaning these streaks from your gutters. Let us perform a free examination of your gutters.  Our company will let you know if our formula will be best for the gutters, or we will let you know if repainting is a must.

Many times our gutter whitening service will take care of the problem, therefore repainting will not be necessary.  Most gutters can be pressure washed, but still need chemical cleaning.  Performing both of these services will help your gutters look new again.

What Are The Best Gutters To Have On My Property?

There are many types of gutters in the market these days.  The only actual gutter that can be trusted to work and function properly is a normal gutter that is cleaned and maintained on a regular schedule. Over sized gutter are a plus as well. You can spend the big bucks on the gutters that say they will never need cleaning, but if you look closely, you will see that they do not work as properly as they should with the weather we have here in Pasadena.  Let’s face it.  With the amount of money you can spend on these top grade “never clean” gutters, you will be able to pay someone for 10 years to clean the gutters you already have on your roof.  If you keep them maintained, they will last the life of the property.

Why Choose Pasadena Pressure Washing

Being insured is a must when having a company clean your gutters or roof.  We carry higher limits of insurance than what is required to make sure you are protected.  Pasadena Pressure Washing has a $2,000,000 general liability policy along with a $1,000,000 workman’s compensation and auto policy, therefore you know you are covered.  We take all safety precautions to clean your gutters the correct way.  This not only keeps our employees safe, but it also keeps your property from becoming damaged.  So think twice before hiring a fly by night company to work on your property.


So Your Gutters Clog Often?

If you are having issues with your gutters clogging up fast, we offer product that help.  With all the trees around our houses, it’s easy for gutters to get clogged up on a fast pace.  If this is an issue with your property, ask us about out downspout screens.

We can evaluate your gutters, and let you know if this product would help.  Unfortunately, we can’t help with kiddos throwing balls up on the roof.

Think You Can Clean The Gutters Yourself?

Falls remain a leading cause of unintentional injury mortality nationwide, and 43% of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder.  If you are uneasy with being on a ladder to clean your gutters, or cleaning your roof shingles, please leave it to the professionals.  The cost of having your gutters cleaned by a professional is much cheaper than an emergency room visit bill.

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